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Marketing Dancing Goat Coffee

Since the launch of the new Dancing Goat Coffee website back in April last year I have been busy concentrating on creating exposure for the website and Dancing Goat brand. My first job post site launch was to construct a longer-term marketing strategy for the company as a whole, that outlined in detail activities that I recommend the company should begin to undertake. The feedback I received from the document was very positive and we have since begun to implement the activities as part of a more detailed plan that has been broken down into weekly, monthly and quarterly actions.

Here is a breakdown of some of what we have achieved so far from the strategy:

• Instagram Account - I created the team a user guide and subsequently the responsibility has now been passed down to their staff members to manage this account, giving their posts authenticity.

• Social Media Channel Optimisation - I have updated and optimised the companies current social channels, Facebook and Twitter and the company is now regularly sharing updates and receiving engagement on all their platforms.

• MailChimp Account - I set up and manage the companies MailChimp account and as such, they are now building up a genuine audience of subscribers and customers that we are regularly sending mass email communications to.

Blog Articles - I have authored several informative blog posts for Dancing Goat across a range of topics, including event news and in-depth equipment reviews.

• Google AdWords - We ran a Google AdWords campaign post site launch which drove traffic and new customers to the site.

• Brochure and Leaflet Design - I created and designed the Coffee Machine Leasing Flyer using Photoshop that you can see in the pictures in yellow below. I also authored the text and drafted the design layout brief working with an outside designer on the company brochure above.

If you would like to take a more detailed look at some of the work I have done on the companies behalf please visit my portfolio page.

I am excited to see the progress with the strategy unfold as I continue to move forward working with Dancing Goat Coffee, there is still a lot to implement but it's been satisfying to be able to take hold of a project from its very beginnings and to have the time to input my skills over a longer term.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds, and I will be sure to share more updates as the strategy progresses.


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