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My Ongoing Work with the Shantona Charity

Since August 2017 I have been working with local charity Shantona Women's and Family Centre. The charity is at the forefront of the community in Harehills in Leeds and has been at the heart of creating and maintaining healthy and positive relationships within family units and the wider community for 20 years. In fact, this year see's Shantona reach it's 20th anniversary, which we are currently working hard on, making lots of plans to celebrate in style. More news on this will follow over the course of the year.

My role here is to manage the charities marketing and also assist with the organisation of events. As ever, effective planning was my initial priority and I constructed an in-depth marketing strategy which was presented to the board members before I initiated any marketing activities.

Since the strategy was given its final approval I have introduced and completed the following activities:

• Authorship of several blog articles:

• Optimisation of their current social channels • Construction of a social media strategy • Social media management - as well as social posting guide which has now empowered some of the women at the centre to take management of social posts, and scheduling their events.

• Website updates and management

• Set up YouTube channel

• Set up Google Analytics

• Photography at several events

• Assistance with event organisation

• 20 Years Celebrations - Event proposal • New website content plan and proposal

I am also working alongside my other client Laws of Attraction on this project who are generously donating their services and expertise to assist me in maximising the opportunities of the planned activities we will be undertaking.

I thoroughly enjoy working at the centre, all of the women are an inspiration and the work they do is of crucial value to the local community in assisting those in need and helping to change attitudes for the better. I am very excited to see how the coming year unfolds working with Shantona and how our continued work will help to further the positive impact the charity makes on peoples lives.

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