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MY team

Ben Maddison

Creative Director


 My journey in production management and creation started with the study of interior design. During the past 20 years I have managed the production and design for an extensive portfolio of events. I have produced works ranging from corporate parties, theatre and film set design, artistic exhibitions, club nights to live music events and festivals, as well as creating, producing and promoting my own events.

My skills span a wide range of disciplines. I have knowledge and experience working with lighting, fabric design, set design and construction, audio visual display and set up and much more. Overall, my objective when faced with a project is to deliver a high quality original aesthetic for any event which closely follows the clients specific budget aims and objectives.

I have worked alongside Katy Noble for a number of years now and over the years during our collaborations we have produced some extraordinary finishes in relation to event production. Particularly with our projects for MacMillan charity events have displayed some wonderful creative interpretations of space, which have been well received by the general public.

Festivals : Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Block 9 @ Glastonbury, Glade. Dance Music Therapy.

Club/Music/corporate clients : Robbie Williams 2006 tour. 2020 Soundsystem, Asylum/Technique, Move on up, Dancing for Despo, Mint Club, Good Greef, Head... , Lloyds TSB, No Gloss film festival, RockStar, and the Northern Film School.  

Craig Gillon

Business Development & Health and Safety


I have over 20 years' experience in sales, operations and business development, with most of my experience coming from a facilities management background. I have an in-depth knowledge of the operations and safety processes involved in managing operations within large business premises which gives me the ability to transfer this knowledge to events management. 



I am also a qualified first aider and a member of the BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management). 



In additional to my facilities experience, I am an accomplished business development manager who has client facing qualities that ensures all my customer relationships are nurtured effectively, leaving customers feeling satisfied with their experience.

Kate Thorpe-Jones

Freelance Creative and Operations Manager


In the short years of working in events production management, I have gained a substantial amount of experience in the processes of organisation and administration of both events and venues. My main specialisation within managing events (including production) is within the cultural and artistic sector. However, I also have experience in managing music and club events simultaneously.


My journey and introduction into events production management started with my formal education within the discipline of critical and cultural theory at the University of Leeds. Studying elements of architecture, psychoanalysis, fine art, and contemporary gallery studies up to a Masters level has presented extraordinary opportunities to studying under individuals such as Griselda Pollock and DOCUMENTA 13 curator Carolyn

Christov-Bakargiev. This theoretical approach to space and culture has granted me a unique and creative application towards space and cultural practices and events.


One of my leading principles as a practitioner within the field of events production is to create a new, unusual experience of space that encourages individuals that attend my events a chance to place themselves out of their comfort zone in order to become activity creative and establish new relationships with strangers and friends.


In the mediums of artistic expression. Combining mediums as visuals and sound in the various high cultural art, which overall has attracted large, diverse audiences.projects I have been involved in have produced events that cross genres, popular and past I have been successful in creating and organising events that use multiple 


Past Events:

Rockstar Corporate Party

Nogloss Film Festivals

Private and Public Art exhibitions

Theatre Productions

Heritage Exhibitions

Club music events

Film Sets and Locations 

Private Parties



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